Comfortable mattress

Transport bag

The set includes a high-quality mat made of high-flexibility foam. It permits easy taking of first independent steps, and breaks a child's falls, contributing to its safety.

Equipped with transport handles, it will facilitate carrying and transport.

C O M P A C T   D I M E N S I O N S

Both longer sides of the bed are equipped with an air-permeable mesh that ensures proper air circulation and a view of the baby.


The cot can function not only as a standard cot, but also as a pen and playground for small strings. Smaller children can crawl and crawl in it, older teach them to get up and take their first independent steps. In the crib, you can freely let your child sleep or play even on warmer, sunny days. The side walls made of mesh let in air, thus ensuring proper ventilation inside the crib at all times.

The wheel lock function prevents accidental shifting of the bed. The function is particularly useful especially outdoors, where, for safety reasons we would want the bed to remain in the same position.

S I D E   W A L L   M E S H

W H E E L   L O C K

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T R A V E L   C O T   O V E R N I G H T

All edges and sharp corners of the bed are protected by profiled plastic covers so as to ensure maximum safety for the child. The high-quality material is nice to the touch. It is also not necessary to install additional soft protectors for the bars – as is the case for wooden beds.


The bed fulfils all safety standards for such products as required by the EU. It is fully compatible with the EN 716:2017 European safety standard.

N O   S H A R P   E D G E S

Designed with toddlers and their caretakers in mind – providing unhindered access to the baby without the need to bend excessively. High comfort and a moment of respite for the back. The mattress is installed with the aid of a zipper running along the bed walls.

S U S P E N D E D   M A T T R E S S

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