I N   T H E   E Y E   O F   C A M E R A

C O M P A C T   D I M E N S I O N S

“Free wheel” mechanism


The bike has a so called free wheel mechanism which allows to ride a bike without pedalling. This works in such a way that the child, even pedalling, does not put the front drive wheel in motion. It is a perfect solution when the bike is pushed by the parent – the child freely holds legs on the pedals. This function protects the child’s feet from hitting the pedals while riding.

Foam,  durable wheels


The wheels combine the features of full and inflated wheels. They are resistant to abrasion and intensive use. Their advantage is amortisation as good as in inflated wheels and no need to control the degree of inflation or replacing inner tube in the event of puncture – as it is in the case of inflated wheels. Maintenance-free use will be appreciated by every active parent.

A quick-mountable footrest for babies


At the moment when the child will be large enough to use the pedals - the footrest for the kids will be removed quickly with one move.

Innovative construction of magnesium alloys


The bicycle uses a frame made of magnesium alloys, which is about 30% lighter compared to aluminum frames. Magnesium has a high vibration damping ability, which makes riding on a bicycle even more comfortable. The frame additionally has greater mechanical resistance to damage.



Style and design


Apart from exceptional functional parameters, the bikes are characterized by unique style and design. Subdued, contrasting colors between the frame, the wheels and the material cause that you cannot pass by it indifferently. It will certainly please the senses of many parents.

Two Containers

Drink holder

Located at the back of the carriage just above the rear axle. They allow the child to take their favourite toys on a trip by the bike. Especially during the trip to the playground.

It allows to take a drink for the child or for parent to enjoy their favourite drink during walk.

P R A C T I C A L   E L E M E N T S

Adjustable handle for pushing the bike


The height of the handle can be adjusted according to own height and preferences. This feature is particularly useful for tall people who will not unnecessarily slouch. The handle can also be completely disassembled when the child is independent enough to ride the bike alone.

H E I G H T   A D J U S T M E N T

5 - 6   Y E A R S


The child is big enough to discover the advantages of the bike itself, without the need of being secured by the parent with the use of back handle. There is no end to the joys of the covered distances.

3 - 4   Y E A R S


The child is already big enough to make the first attempts of unassisted pedalling. During the time, the parent will appreciate the possibility of releasing the pedal mechanism giving the child the opportunity to pedal regardless of the pace of front wheel spinning. The parent can control the direction and speed of the ride with the back handle.

2 - 3   Y E A R S


Babies grow along with their curiosity of the world. The disassembled roof will satisfy even greater curiosity of the world to the joy of the parent who accompanies this travel by the bike. The free wheel protects the feet from accidental hitting of the pedals.

9   M O N T H S +


The child travels by bike with legs on the footrest for babies. The high seat position allows to freely explore the world. Parent pushing the bike, watches the child from above.

T H E   B I K E   G R O W S   W I T H   T H E   C  H I L D

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Modern polyester fiber, whose main task is to provide good body ventilation and to keep the skin dry.


The mesh provides comfort thanks to air permeability, cushioning properties and flexibility. At the same time Mesh fabric is very durable and tear resistant.


The fiber structure provides much better breathability and moisture drainage from the body surface compared to natural fibers.

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