Accessory storage

Changing table

All the necessary accessories should always be close at hand.

It is irreplaceable when changing nappies, equipped with three variously-sized pockets – it will hold all the necessary accessories.

The elevated edges of the changing table ensure the child's safety, and the soft, comfortable material provides the little one with unique comfort when changing nappies.


Cradle function

Bug net

The bed may at any time be transformed into a cradle. The special rockers make it easy for parents to calm the child down and put it to sleep.

Thanks to it, you will be able to put the bed out into the open without fear that your child will be bitten by bugs. It will work great in the garden, at the lake, on the balcony or a camp site.

Interactive doggie

Comfortable, round grips

The electronic companion so loved by the little ones – a fusion of soothing melodies and gentle vibrations to rock the baby to sleep. Gentle, colourful lights additionally engage the sense of sight.

They support the child learning to get up on its own, mobilising it to exercise by holding and pulling itself up.

Toy rod

Transport bag

It works to improve the child's imagination and motor skills from the first days of its life. It positively influences hand-eye coordination.

Equipped with transport handles, it will facilitate carrying and transport.

C O M P A C T   D I M E N S I O N S

All edges and sharp corners of the bed are protected by profiled plastic covers so as to ensure maximum safety for the child. The high-quality material is nice to the touch. It is also not necessary to install additional soft protectors for the bars – as is the case for wooden beds.


The bed fulfils all safety standards for such products as required by the EU. It is fully compatible with the EN 716:2017 European safety standard.

The small wheels ensure mobility at any time, and the sturdy legs guarantee stability of the entire structure.


The wheel lock function prevents accidental shifting of the bed. The function is particularly useful especially outdoors, where, for safety reasons we would want the bed to remain in the same position.

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T R A V E L   C O T   R O Y A L   B A B Y

The Royal Baby cot was created for the most demanding parents who expect exceptionally solid performance, reliability and above-average quality and design. The design of the cot is based on an aluminum frame, which ensures not only low weight of the product, but also its extraordinary durability.

A L U M I N U M   C O N S T R U C T I O N

Biały kolor i ciekawy kształt aluminiowej ramy łóżeczka, białe elementy konstrukcyjne oraz akcesoria w połączeniu z wysokiej jakości materiałem o strukturze lnu, pozwoliły uzyskać klasyczną, czystą formę, wpisującą się w nowoczesne, wyrafinowane wnętrza.


Q U A L I T Y   A N D   D E S I G N

Designed with toddlers and their caretakers in mind – providing unhindered access to the baby without the need to bend excessively. High comfort and a moment of respite for the back. The mattress is installed with the aid of a zipper running along the bed walls.

S U S P E N D E D   M A T T R E S S

Older crawling or walking children will greatly enjoying using the side entrance with zipper closure. And parents and caretakers alike will certainly value the permeable mesh of which the sides are constructed – to ensure appropriate air circulation and enabling them to always keep an eye on the little one.

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